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Tandem Paragliding

Soar Across the Tampa Sky!

Tandem Paragliding in Tampa

Strap into your paraglider's harness and take off on a paragliding adventure far beyond your wildest dreams. The experience is hard to put into words, but when you book with Tampa Paragliding, we'll make sure it's one you will never forget. read more »

Solo Paragliding Lessons

Satisfy the Daredevil in You!

Solo Paragliding in Tampa

BExperience flight with your own "bird's eye" view of Tampa and be amongst those who live for the sport just like you. A pilot certificate in paragliding is your ticket to enjoy this adventure whenever you have the urge to fly in Florida. read more »

Paragliding Gift Certificates

Give Them the Ride of Their Lives!

Tampa Paragliding Gift Certificates

Want to give a memorable gift to your friends and family? Give the gift of a fantastic paragliding adventure! Tampa Paragliding Gift Certificates are valid at locations across America and are on sale now for any occasion! read more »

Master the skies and go paragliding in Tampa, Florida!

Welcome to Tampa Paragliding where you'll find some of the best choices for paragliding adventures in Florida. Paragliding is an amazing sport drawing thousands of enthusiasts who want to fly just like you. Now is your chance to experience what has become the world's most popular and easiest method of being in the air above Tampa.

Making the dream of flight more accessible than any other provider, Tampa Paragliding is your window to the world above. Each affiliate is certified by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA), so you can rest assured that you would be learning from the best in the industry. We'll exceed your expectations from beginning to end by ensuring you always receive the unparalleled quality of service that Tampa Paragliding is known for.

Not ready to fly? Purchase one of our Tampa Paragliding Gift Certificates for a friend so they can have this amazing experience of flight. Our Tampa Paragliding Gift Certificates are valid for two years and are redeemable at any of our partner affiliates across America. The thrill remains for a lifetime, long after the adventure is over. No other gift in Tampa can compare.

Contact Tampa Paragliding today at 1-850-502-5822 to schedule your paragliding adventure!

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